Friday, October 15, 2010

Just some random pictures...

Here's some pictures from the last month.
Since football season started, Tyson has been getting up with the kids on Saturday mornings. He lets me sleep-in for a bit while he cleans. Sometimes he takes the kids to get a few groceries. On this particular day, he had taken Lawson and Makayla to the store. He had dressed the kids and left before I woke up. This is what he had dressed Makayla in.
Her shoes happen to be a pair of Lawson's old shoes. :)

Lawson and I read 10 books this summer and sent in for this shirt. It was a program the local grocery store was doing. The store is HEB, which was Tyson's favorite place on his mission (he served in southern Texas). The grocery store is awesome! They have a "mascot" for the store called HE Buddy, which is a paper grocery bag filled with groceries with a face on it. Anyway, that is who is on his shirt and he loves wearing it!

Tyson usually takes the car once a week so we were homebound this summer with the hot weather. We had to get creative. My friend, Jena, made some fun suggestions to me about keeping kids entertained. One day, we made cars out of boxes and string and the kids ran around the house pretending to be cars.

Lawson was a plane.

One night I went in to check on Lawson. I happened to notice his closet. Do you notice anything OCD ish? The hangers? Color coordinated? I didn't do it and Tyson didn't do it. I thought it was cute. Should I be worried? :)

A different night I went to check on him and this is what I found. He has a detachable rail on his bed and must have put too much weight on it and took a tumble. We didn't hear anything and he didn't wake up.
What a weirdo! :)

Makayla found these glasses of Lawson's. She loves wearing them!

My three stooges! Aren't they so cute?!


Sam said...

how cute!! Julian has been asking to play with Lawson again lately... we sure miss you guys.

JC and Jena said...

CUTE!!! I miss you guys!! Thanks for keeping your blog up!

wonderideas09 said...

Merry Christmas, from Kentucky. I am a new at Blogging. Just google my name Janice Walters Rawlins. I have a new kids book out. Doonie the rainbow dog!