Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bishop & Wife and Kitty Litter Cake

Here's the picture of our bishop and his wife who won the "best costume" award. They looked fantastic!

I made a kitty litter cake for our ward's Halloween party. I won first place! I forgot to take a picture so I found one online. This one looks better than the one I made but you get the idea. Pretty gross, but so good!! :)


Camille said...

O my gosh! that cake is so funny! I don't think i could eat it :)
i can't believe you have 3 kids! GO you!!! it looks like things are going great for you guys! love and miss ya!

Anna said...

I must know more about the gross cake. Share.

ps- holy crap your family is getting so big! yay for momma thompson!

K'Lyn said...

That cake is the best thing ever! Very real looking - so gross. I am totally impressed and will try to remember all about it on April 1.