Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had fun this Halloween. On Fridays we usually go to storytime which includes a book and craft. This week they read Halloween books and did pumpkin masks.
Lawson sporting his mask (that he made me color!)

In our ward, there is only one other boy in Lawson's primary class. The rest are girls. Caleb and Lawson became fast friends. They usually meet us at storytime.

We did our trunk or treat at a church member's ranch. It was the coolest Halloween party we've taken the kids to. They had a chili cook-off, a dessert contest, best costume contest, and best trunk contest. Guess who won the dessert contest?? Me!! I made a kitty litter cake. It didn't look as authentic as I'd hope but it was still gross looking. It was a fun night!
Makayla dressed as a "Halloween Princess." Just pulled together a few items and voila!

Porter, the lovable teddy bear

Lawson was Indiana Jones. I found the jacket and hat (not pictured) at a used kids' clothes store for $4!! I wanted to find a whip of some sort for him to carry around but rethought the idea of a 3-year-old with a whip!

Inside the arena where we did the trunk or treat. Not quite sure why the picture looks fuzzy. The lighting maybe? This ranch was amazing!

Makayla trunk or treating.

Lawson trying to get in on the action.
We had a ton of fun!


Mike & Kjera Miranda said...

the picture of lawson smiling looks like you were making him smile. haha some how i can't tell if its a smile, or a rebelion