Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just a Little Update

I have lots of pictures I need to post from the last few weeks/months. I just need to do it! I'll just give a quick recap of us.

Porter will be 1 in 2 weeks! Can't believe it's been a year! He finally started crawling a few days ago! He's been scooting everywhere and still does but has been crawling more and more. He also pulls himself up to things. He's starting to get the naughty streak. He pulls himself up to the DVD player, hits it, and looks back at me to see if I'm watching! Little stinker! He has his 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth as well as his one-year molars. He's down to 2 bottles a day and eats "big people" food the rest of the day. He's a quiet little guy for the most part- which is nice- my other two aren't so quiet!

Makayla is 2 and 3 months. She is a funny little girl with the sweetest little voice. She often hugs and kisses me throughout the day and tells me she loves me. As sweet as she is, she has a naughty 2-year-old side! She is very sensitive, which is hard for me- I'm more of a tough love kind of person. I try to be more compassionate though. Often times when she wakes up she'll call from her crib saying, "Mom, it's time to wake up!" She's been saying "awesome" a lot lately and it's funny what she thinks is "awesome!" Also she says "... so much." Like "I want my fa-fa (pacifier) so much." It's so funny. Her favorite tv show is The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and asks to watch it constantly!

Lawson is 4 1/2. He is such a smart boy. He loves learning. He asks tons of questions and really makes me think! He's been trying to figure out how days work, which is hard to explain! He picks up on the most random things from tv or playing computer games (on or excellent games for kids). I'm working on getting him in preschool this Fall. I think he'll love it. He loves to dance. Whenever there is music on tv he'll say, "Mom, watch my moves." I need to get him into a break dancing class or something! He's a good big brother (for the most part). He's so good with babies and Porter loves him. He and Makayla bug each other most of the time and get on my nerves! But he's a good boy. :)

We have decided to move closer to Dallas. We live about 30 min from Dallas. To take Tyson to the closest bus stop it takes 15 min one way. So when I need the car I have to drive an hour a day, which I don't mind the drive, but the gas is killing us! So we've decided to move closer to work so he'll be closer to the bus or train. We'll be moving the end of July, when our lease runs out. I look forward to having the car more and being closer to civilization. Our closest mall is about 20ish min away. I guess with civilization comes more traffic, which I don't look forward to. We've also met some great friends here so I'll be sad to leave them. There's pros and cons but all around I look forward to moving.

Tyson is loving his job and enjoys working in downtown Dallas. They're in the process of getting a new office space so he and his partner have been working from home the last week. They've been trying to figure out what to do. There's a lot up in the air right now, which is annoying but I guess life is just full of unknowns.

Overall, we're doing pretty well. Baby #4 is growing. Right now I'm 14 1/2 weeks. We'll hopefully find out what we're having in the next month or so! I haven't gained a pound yet, which is not like me at all! I hope to not gain much this time around. I usually gain about 40 lbs! I'm doing my best to not do that this time around! Anyway, I'll post pictures!