Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip down South

Tyson had an immigration trial in Los Fresnos, which is near Brownsville, TX. We tagged along and had a little family getaway. We stayed in Weslaco, which isn' t too far away and went to church in Harlingen- one of Tyson's areas where he served his mission.

The kids on the hotel bed

Look at those cheeks!

We had some fun at the pool. It was a bit cold and the pool was dirty but it was still fun.

Lawson loved swimming.

Makayla, on the other hand, HATED the water! She spent most of her time watching us. She would scream and scream if we put her in the water and hold on to us for dear life.

During Tyson's trial we hung out at the hotel, swam, and walked over to Burger King, which was next door to our hotel. I was watching the other kids and looked over to find Porter crawling up the slide!

Lawson posed himself. :) Not sure what he's doing.


On our way home we stopped in San Antonio to walk around for a couple of hours. We went along the Riverwalk and had a fun time! The only times I've been to San Antonio have been in the dead of summer and it's been miserable. We went the end of March and the weather was perfect! It was very enjoyable.

On the Riverwalk

There are boats that go along the Riverwalk and Lawson waved to all of them! The people were taking pictures of him. It was hilarious!

Lots of ducks for the kids to see.

We had a fun time down South!


Mike & Kjera Miranda said...

Didn't you know Lawsom is throwing a fireball! :)

Mike & Kjera Miranda said...

Didn't you know, Lawson is throwing a fireball!