Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby, One More Time

Once again I have been called up from the minors (aka "being the male") to pinch hit for Sara today and to provide relief in the form of encouragement and blogging updates live from the DFW. Being that this town is eveloped in World Series fever, I felt a baseball theme would be appropriate for today. But, since we've recently got into the series "Walking Dead," don't be suprised if a few zombie references are thrown in there. And, if you're wondering-yes, I did use a Britney Spears song as the title of this blog entry.

This morning I woke to a low pitch moaning and was ready to knock some zombie skulls but then I realized it was just Sara having contractions. (Please don't tell her I compared her to the "walkers.") That was about 6:10. We timed a couple contractions and were ready to go and left at 6:30. We made it to the hospital in Denton in about 15 minutes, got all checked in and are now waiting for the labor to intensify a bit.

I will be posting updates here throughout the day. Play Ball!

8:42 am. We just got back from a 45-minute walk around the hospital that the nurse sent us on in the hope that it would speed up contractions. When we started they were 4-5 minutes apart and now they're between 2 and 2.5 minutes apart.

9:30 am. Contractions slowed down a bit so we're heading on another 45 minute walk. Also, we've decided it's a good time to start thinking of baby names.

10:30 am. Same as before. Contractions sped up during the walk and then slowed down once Sara laid back down. Looks like they may not even admit us and that we'll have to come back when things speed up. We hope we get to stick around, however, because the hospital is so far away and we've already been here for so long that we might as well just have this baby now!

10:45 am. Looks like they're sending us home until things get further along. It's strange to me because usually babies come faster when you've had a few, but we're actually going in the opposite direction as labor is lasting longer with each new baby!

3:00 pm. Today's game has been postponed due to unfavorable weather, er uh, cervical conditions. We hope to get a baby here soon. The good news is we now have time to come up with a name.


Mckinsie said...

I called to talk to Stiff and Makayla said the baby will be called Hazel! I think she's got a good one...better than Lawsons. I love it!

Sara said...

I'm not so sure we're going to go with Hazel.

Mckinsie said...

so you're going with googlie eyes?

Kolena said...

I think googlie eyes is an excellent baby name ;)

Shirley said...

Oh poor Sara! So frustrating! I hope she decides to come or the contractions stop so Sara can have some relief!

Silent Eloquence Home Decor said...

At least you know she is worth the wait.
Hang in there Sara.