Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Belly Picture

It's amazing how many less pictures I have of myself with each pregnancy. This is the first belly shot with this pregnancy! This was taken at 33 weeks. The pregnancy is going great. I've been a lot more swollen in the legs and feet this time around because of the heat here. I am constantly entertained by pushing my finger into my ankle area and my skin staying sunken in! My shirts are getting too short lately. I'm running out of stuff to wear. I'm physically ready for this girl to get here but not so much ready when it comes to having 4 kids!! I'm still in awe that I'm a mom and that I have 3 kids. I still feel like I just graduated from high school. We still don't have a name for this little girl (I'm still convinced it's going to be a boy- I've actually considered bringing a boy outfit too to the hospital to bring the baby home in). I'm scheduled to get induced on October 25th, which is only 17 days away!! Yikes!


Shirley said...

Love the picture! You look great! Good luck with everything. You will do amazing! :)

Jamie said...

lookin' good mama!