Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been trying to remember some funny things Lawson has said so I can document it in here. He is so full of questions. On Christmas day we did a turkey dinner (which was amazing, by the way. Tyson has mastered the art thanks to Alton Brown!). After dinner, Tyson was carving the rest of the meat off the bones. Lawson kept pointing to different bones asking if that was the "wishing bone." Tyson finally got to the "wishing bone" and showed it to him. Lawson asked what other types of animals have bones we can wish on!

At church on Christmas Sunday, Lawson was looking at the picture on the front of the program, which was a drawing of the Nativity scene. Lawson leaned over to Tyson and said, "Why does Jesus live in a nest?"

He is constantly asking questions and learns so much. Tyson and I were trying to get dinner ready while he was asking a list of questions. We usually take time to explain things to him but had a lot to do (it was our turkey dinner). Tyson said, "Lawson, I think you've reached your quota of questions today." Lawson asked, "Why?" Another question!