Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We had lots of visitors in March. 
Here's March in a nutshell:

 My 4 babies

 Random pic

 Lawson lost his first tooth!
 My cuties

 Dr. Suess Day at school

 Devin and his family came to visit!  Mack's 3rd Birthday was just a few days before they came, so we had a little celebration for him.

 Molly and her dolly

 Dev and his family gave Makayla a cute princess plate set for her birthday.

 Happy Birthday, Mack!

 Myra and Molly in their matching monkey jammies

 Girl cousins

 These 3 are all about the same size and weight

 We made our ghetto kites out of grocery bags and string on a windy day in March.  The kids loved it!

 Mack and Makayla playing their Elmo games on their separate laptops!  How can these 3-year-olds navigate the internet?!

 This "house" was taken away daily because of fights amongst the kids!

 Her dad's girl!

 The quiet little girls

 Porter and Mack racing the strollers!

 Uncle Devin and all the Thompson cousins!

 We tried taking a cute cousin picture after church.  It didn't happen.

Finding rollie pollies!

 Two babies in diapers!

 St. Patrick's Day!
(Lawson dressed himself)

 My girls and me

 The "house"

 Lawson and his preschool artwork

 Matching dresses for my cute girls from Grandma Lynnie

 Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Abbie came to visit a few days after Devin and his family left.

 Aunt Abbie

 We had an accident while my parents were here.  We went to get sno-cones at Bahama Bucks.  While we were waiting outside at the table, Porter tripped and landed on his face.  He shattered his front tooth (the one on his left), impacted the other front tooth, and chipped the one next to it.  It was awful!  This happened on a Saturday and no dentists were open.  We had to wait until Monday to get it pulled.  My dad was thankfully there, who is a dentist so he went with me to the appointment.  We went to our dentist who wouldn't pull it and recommended we go to a pediatric dentist who squeezed us into their schedule.  Porter was wrapped up in a papoose board thing with his arms strapped down.  I have a thing with blood and had to look away during most of it.  I started getting light-headed and had to sit down and put my head between my legs.  I'm so glad my dad was there!!  The crown of the tooth came out easy in a few pieces but he had to dig for the root.  It was awful!  Anyway, it was done and he now has an adorable smile!

 Abbie and Myra

 My cute dad and mom

 Abbie has my mom iron her hair every morning!!  If my mom is out-of-town, my dad does it!!  Ha!

 The whole gang!

 We took them to Corpus Christi and stayed on the beach.  I didn't get ANY pictures of the us on the beach.  Lame!

 There's a fun park on the beach in Corpus

 Porty Pie's cute smile

 From our hotel balcony we could feed the seagulls

 Taking a tub-tub

 We also went to San Antonio.
In front of The Alamo

 A canon

 Throwing Abbie in the cactus

 Makayla spent some time on Grandpa's shoulders

 Listening to the flute music on the riverwalk.

 The balloon shapes the kids got at Pico de Gallo (a Mexican restaurant)

 San Antonio himself

My Portsie Pie!

We had an AWESOME month with lots of visitors!  It was great!  We love our family!