Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun With Friends

One of my companions from my mission, Jenny, came over with her daughter, Loni. We also had Sarah (who we taught and was baptized and is now going to BYU with her husband) and her little boy Logan. I was watching one of our neighbor girls, Avalee, also. We had a house full of kids!
Cute little Logan. I love his rosie cheeks!
Jenny and I decided that Lawson and Loni are going to get married after their missions. We kept trying to get them to hug but they wouldn't!
Two little love birds. Loni is only a few days younger than Lawson. It was fun being pregnant at the same time as Jenny.
Tickling Lawson's toes. How romantic. :)
It was a fun afternoon. It was a little cold so we didn't go outside but we've planned another day to get together next month to play at the playground. It's so fun to see Lawson interact with other kids. He had a lot of "mine" attitude going on. We need to work on sharing! Thanks for coming over Jenny and Sarah! It was a blast!


Taylor and Justina said...

When I first read that I thought you said it is fun being prego with her! I was like what u r! Then I reread it! haha, kinda funny! Lawson is so fun. We saw you guys walking today but u were to far to say hi, Aiden was sad when you disappeared. He recognized both of u from far away! We need to get the boys together to play soon!

Anonymous said...

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Brandon & Sara said...

Hey Sara! Cute pictures! You little boy is adorable!!!