Thursday, April 03, 2008

More about Lawson~

Ok, I thought of a few other little things I wanted to remember. A little over a week ago we went to Walmart to get our new grill. We were in the "outdoors" department looking around. Lawson kept making this noise that sounded like if you were to clear your throat but with your mouth open. At first I thought he was choking or something. He kept doing it and I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I could tell he was looking at something so I put my head down by his (he was sitting in the cart) and noticed he was looking at an ornamental stone lion that people put in their yards. It was about 20 yards away! I couldn't believe it! So he was trying to making a growling noise but it sounded more like he was coughing up something. It was cute.

For awhile now, when Tyson plays with Lawson he likes to tickle him. When he does, Tyson will say, "Tickle, tickle, tickle." About a month or so ago, Lawson was sitting on the ground and started tickling his own feet and was saying, "Ticka ticka ticka." He does it at random times. He now does it to us. When we were in Idaho "teenager-sitting," my brother, Ethan, was laying on the couch asleep with his back facing out. A little bit of skin was showing and Lawson quietly went up to him wiggling his fingers and saying, "Ticka ticka ticka." Later that week one morning, I heard Lawson making noise letting me know he was awake (he was in the closet sleeping). I didn't want to get up yet and he wasn't crying so I laid in bed a little while longer. Then I heard, "Ticka ticka ticka." It was so funny!

Lawson has such a funny personality. He loves laughing and giggling. He seems to be able to entertain himself, which has been really nice. We think he's pretty cool! :)


Taylor and Justina Selim said...

How cute! It is so fun when they start talking more and what they decide to say. Kids are so fun! WE love Lawson!