Monday, April 28, 2008

Teenager-sitting Again

Lawson and I went up to Idaho again to teenage-sit while my parents and Ethan went to Samoa to do dental work for the missionaries there. They had a great experience. While we were there, I highlighted Abbie's hair again. While we were waiting for it to process, Devin, being the manipulator that he is, dared her to go get the mail with all the foil in her hair. He said he would pay her $2. So she did!
Abbie walking to the mailbox down the street.
We had a fun barbeque at Devin and Missy's house. It was very tasty. They live down by the Idaho Falls temple. The temple is pretty much in their backyard! It's a great view.
Devin cooked some delicious chicken
Lawson was acting sick and was really cuddly and quiet. He didn't run around and he didn't scream at the top of his lungs like he has been. It was SOOO nice! I felt bad he didn't feel well, but I was happy to be able to sit and visit instead of chasing him all over.
We stayed a week and had a great time.