Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm By Myself!

Tyson just walked out the door with Lawson to go on their first date together! I haven't been by myself for a long time! It's nice to have the house quiet and a little weird. I'm trying to decide what to do with myself! So I'm going to write a few funny things that Lawson has been doing.

The other day (when it was warm-- since then it's snowed and has now melted but still cold) we went to the park with some friends from our Law Partners group. Of course I spent more than half the time running to get Lawson before he got to the street! One particular time, we got to the sidewalk and he was looking down into the gutter. There was a brownish-orange cigarette butt and Lawson pointed and then did the sign for cracker thinking it was one of his fishy crackers! It was so funny!

The past couple of mornings I've gone in to get Lawson out of his crib and have asked him if he wanted breakfast. Usually he does the sign for food but the last couple of mornings he's done the sign for pizza. I usually laugh and tell him he can't have pizza for breakfast so he does the sign even more. What a funny little guy.

Lawson has been good in Sacrament Meeting the last 2 weeks! It's been a miracle. He hasn't gotten the other 2 hours down yet, but nursery is only like 6 weeks away!!!! I got him a bunch of little pictures of Jesus and put them in a little photo album I had so he can look at pictures during the meeting. I also got him 2 board books: 1 about being reverant and the other has Book of Mormon stories in it. They both have little flaps to turn over on the pages, which he loves. Hopefully, this is a new trend and not just a fluke of good behavior! :)

Lawson loves to get on our bed and crawl around. Lately, he stands up and then without bending his legs or anything, he falls straight back like you would on a trampoline. He has no fears! I'm worried he will do that on the floor one day and crack his head open!

He knows most of his body parts: eyes, hair, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, tongue, tummy, belly button, nipples :), toes, and fingers. Tyson has lovingly taught him where his bum is.

He loves to dance and he can cut a rug! If he's playing or doing something and hears music, he'll stop what he's doing and bounce his knees while he moves his shoulders. It makes me giggle everytime! We really need a camcorder to get his cute things taped. Our camera has a recording function but with no sound!

Well, I think that's pretty much it for now. I can't think of anything else to report. I'm going to enjoy the nice quiet while I can!


Melanie said...

I think pizza for breakfast is a good idea. I've done it.

Taylor and Justina Selim said...

I love alone time! It is such a rare thing. Last night my mom watched Aiden and I got to go to the mall, so nice to not have a stroller to push or child to chase, haha. You always miss them though!

Anna said...

Pizza for breakfast is ALWAYS ok.