Monday, August 11, 2008

A little catching up...

I've been slacking on the whole blogging thing lately. There's so much I want to post but can't ever seem to find the time. I still have to post more pics from our Texas trip 2 months ago. I just thought I'd give a quick update on us. Tyson finished the last of his externship in Spanish Fork about 2 weeks ago. He's been home with nothing really to do since then! We've all been really lazy and there's really nothing to report there. Tyson just started today working for BYU again. During his undergrad, he worked at the BYU warehouse. So they've taken him back and he hopes to work through this school year. They do a lot of stuff for the dorms on campus and some stuff for the MTC. They pick up broken vacuums from these places and take them back to the warehouse where someone fixes them and then they deliver them back. They just do random stuff like that all day. He really seems to like it and it's nice to have structure back in our day again.

My good friend, Samantha, just got back from Alaska where both she and her husband are from. They went there for the summer and I've missed them tons! Her husband is also in the Law program with Tyson and they have a little boy a few months younger than Lawson. I'm glad to have them back!

I bought and read Breaking Dawn in just a few days. Overall, I really liked it. I liked the ending and I'm glad there's no more sequels! Those books take a lot of time and dedication to read! I decided before I bought the book I was going to read all the books again. It took a couple of weeks and now I'm DONE! My dishes were piling up, dirty clothes were spilling over the hamper, Lawson wore his pajamas all day, and other things I won't admit to were consequences of my constant reading! But now I'm back! I really enjoyed all the books but I just get totally involved in them and that's all I can do. Anyway, I will post more of what I thought of the last book in a later post.

We're creeping up on 13 weeks of pregnancy. This one seems to have been going by a lot slower. I'm sure when school starts back up and we have a little more structure to our days, then it may zoom by. My naseousness comes and goes still. Today I exercised for the first time in over a month and it felt really good. I think that actually makes a difference for me. I'm still holding the record for no up-chucking this pregnancy, which is good I guess. Sometimes it would just be nice to puke and feel better. My stomach feels a little bit bigger to me but I don't really think I'm showing yet. I do, however, wear maternity capris now! They are so much more comfortable than regular pants. My other pants still fit but are getting a little snug and uncomfortable. That's about all I have for an update there.

Lawson is talking a lot more now and repeats a lot of what we say. The other morning, Tyson went to get him out of his crib. Tyson turned the light on and said, "Oh no, my eyes are burning" while covering his eyes. Lawson then covered his eyes and mumbled out something that sounded the same. He really is a silly boy and keeps people entertained. He's really turning more and more into the "terrible twos" and has been driving me crazy with more tantrums and screaming, etc. Hopefully, this will pass soon! haha! I'm planning a Joy School with a few friends of mine this fall. It should be fun for the kids to get together and play and learn.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. I hope everyone is doing great!