Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Extra Time...

Lawson is fast asleep and Tyson is watching a BYU football game from a few years ago, so I decided to take some time to record some of the funny things Lawson has been doing. Lawson learned how to climb out of his crib about 6 weeks ago. The first night he figured it out we tried all sorts of things to get him to stay in his bed. Talking to him didn't work, spanking didn't work, not talking and just putting him back in bed didn't work. He was getting out once every minute for an hour and a half! It was torture for us! We would put him in his crib and come back into the livingroom. By the time we were on the couch again, we could hear the thump of him getting out and the creaking of his bedroom door. Finally I caved and put him in his crib and rubbed his back until he fell asleep. The next night wasn't any better and he was starting to wake up in the night and come into our room and get into bed with us, which was not a habit I wanted to start. The second night we did basically the same thing and then he just quit coming out of his room. We went in there a few hours later and he wasn't in his bed! We had a little bit of panic for a second until we looked over and he had fallen asleep in the laundry basket with all the clean clothes that I had left on his floor. It was HILARIOUS! I couldn't find the camera so I didn't get a picture but Tyson filmed it on his phone. The next day I started searching online for something we could put on his bed so he wouldn't be able to get out. There is an amazing invention called a crib tent that I had no idea existed! I found one at Baby's R Us and immediately went to the store and spent the 80 bucks and it has been worth every penny!! Click here to see what it looks like. Lawson thinks it's so cool. The first time I put him in his crib I was zipping up the flap and I laughed a silly evil laugh at Lawson because I was trapping him in his bed so now everytime either one of us puts him in bed he says, "ha ha ha" like I had that first time. He still does it and that was like 6 weeks ago! It's still funny! He sleeps really well now too. I hope by the time the baby comes he'll be a little more mature to put him in a big boy bed. Maybe we'll have to get a bed tent too! haha!

Lawson is getting a little bit interested in the potty so sometimes when Tyson or I go to the bathroom he comes in with us to watch (sorry too much info! haha!) so he can see what it's like to go in the potty. He loves putting toilet paper in the toilet and sometimes tries to help me wipe. It's hilarious. When I flush he waves "bye, bye" as everything is flushed down. Yesterday he came bringing me in the wipes and a diaper without me even saying anything. He knew he needed a diaper change. It was a huge milepost for us.

The hardest part right now is that Lawson knows what he wants but can't quite communicate it yet. He can say some words but not very clearly and has a hard time expressing himself. The signs we taught him awhile ago aren't helpful anymore because he can say all those words now! The other day he and I were eating at the table. There were quite a few things on the table and he kept pointing at something that he wanted. I would point at something and he was shake his head no. I did this a few times and finally I pointed at the roll of papertowels that was sitting on the table. He got a big smile on his face and nodded his head yes. I ripped off a towel and gave it to him and he quickly wiped his highchair tray clean. It was so sweet!

We have an elliptical machine that we keep behind one of our couches in the livingroom. Lawson loves to crawl back there and play on it. He knows he's not supposed to but does it anyway. I was doing my hair in the bathroom and heard a bang. I poked my head into the livingroom and Lawson was back behind the couch playing on the elliptical. I said, "Lawson Y, get out of there. You know you're not supposed to be back there." As he started to climb over the arm of the couch I could see his bare bum! He had taken his diaper off! This is a first for us. Thankfully, there was just pee in the diaper and not something worse. It really caught me off guard and I started laughing- ruining all the sterness and authority in my voice.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Lawson is growing so much and LOVES running and jumping. We've been watching the Olympics, especially swimming. Lawson likes to watch too so we ask him to show us how he swims. He lays flat on his stomach and kicks his legs and flails his arms. It's quite entertaining. Anyway, we're all doing well and hope you all are too!


Shayla said...

haha sounds like adventures at the Oblad house!!

Cindy said...

I found your blog on the Law Partners google group. I am so excited for the movie Twilight to come out. The release date has been moved up to November 21st. Can't wait.