Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Lawson!

Lawson's 2nd Birthday was on November 19th. I can't believe I have a 2 year old! We are going to have a celebration on Thanksgiving with Tyson's family with cake and all that, so I will post those later.
Lawson's Birthday sign
We went to McDonald's that evening. It's Lawson's favorite place to play.

They've got really cute toys and it's built for toddlers so it's perfect for Lawson and he LOVES it!

Lawson got this outfit from Grandma Lynnie (my mom). He's poking his stomach out in the picture to show me his shirt.

Another shirt from Grandma Lynnie.

A new dinosaur from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson. It walks and growls. It freaked Lawson out the first time we turned it on. He got a really scared face and then ran off. He warmed up to it and plays with it a lot now.

Curious George from Aunt Abbie and Uncle Ethan. He takes George with him everywhere! He sleeps with him, holds him while he watches tv, he rides in the car with us in his own seatbelt, goes to the store with us, and George sits on the table while we eat. If Lawson is fighting me changing his diaper or clothes I tell him that George wants to help him change and he immediately gives in and lets me change him. It's awesome! Thanks for the present guys! :) It's made my life a little easier.
We are sure grateful to have our silly little Lawson in our family. He is so smart and caring. We've sure learned a lot from him and it's really made me realize that he's helping to smooth off the rough edges I have in my life and help me be more selfless. We're glad he's in our family!