Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Voted!

I'm not proud to say this, but I've never voted before. I decided I should be a little more patriotic and register to vote. I didn't follow the candidates very well so I didn't really know their platforms, so for President I did a "write-in" and voted for Tyson Oblad. He voted for himself too. Last election he had 10 votes. This year, only 2. I've never really been into politics but being married to Tyson, (a graduated Political Science major) has sparked my interest. Last night we had a discussion on how the government works. He broke it down for me and had a re-cap on my 12th grade Government class. I learned that Utah has 2 Senators, as do all states, and we have 3 Representatives, which is based on population. That gives us 5 electoral votes, which isn't many compared to California, which has like 50 something. So I'm proud to say that I have a general knowledge of how the government works and that I'm a registered voter and that I voted this election and I have the sticker to prove it!