Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Week 25!

I am now 25 weeks along (about 5 1/2 months) and officially cannot see my feet when looking straight down. She has been moving around a lot lately (she is right now) and it's fun to see her little nudges through my skin. Lawson has really been into giving fives lately and likes to give the baby fives, which just consists of hitting my stomach. He gives her kisses and talks to her too. I think he'll be a sweet brother. I'm still exhausted all the time. After taking a shower and getting dressed I have to sit down and rest for a little bit and gain some energy before I do anything else! Pathetic, I know! :) I do get spurts of energy now and then and I'm able to play with Lawson on the floor or clean something. I had my last doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago and the baby is growing on time. I had to take the glucose test where you drink a really sugary drink, which to me, just tastes like orange pop. You have to drink it within 10 minutes and then they prick your finger and test your blood an hour later from when you finished drinking it. It tests to see how well your body recovers from the sugar rush. I also had my iron levels tested, which were low when I was pregnant with Lawson. They are fine this time around. So a few of you might know that I have a hard time with needles and blood. The girl who pricked my finger did her little test and asked if I wanted a band-aid for my little hole in my finger. I looked at it, which turned out to be a very bad thing, and told her I thought I would be ok. She left and I waited for the doctor to come in for my check-up. As I was sitting on the table, I started to feel a little light-headed and sweaty, which are signs of passing out! I layed down until a couple of mintues before the doctor walked in. As I was sitting there talking to her, I started to feel light-headed again and I asked if I could lay down. So I had to do my whole check-up laying on the table. I asked her about my iron levels and she said the girl should have tested for those when she pricked my finger. She went and talked to the nurse and she hadn't tested my iron. So she had to come back in and prick another finger!! I layed on the table this time around and made sure not to look at the tiny drop of blood. Then I layed there for about 5 minutes before I could get up and leave. I don't know what it is about blood and needles. If I were to prick my finger on something and I were to start bleeding, I think I would be just fine but the thought of doing it on purpose or something is just unbearable to me. Weird, I know. Anyway, here is the picture of me at 25 weeks!


Natalie said...

They just pricked your finger? Lucky girl. I got a needle in my arm. Ugh.

Looking good! :)

Justina Selim said...

You look great! Can't wait to meet her!