Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Potty Training

So remember how we were working on potty training? After the first couple of days I got sick of cleaning up poop out of undies, so we're taking a break. He's still interested in going potty, so when he asks to go I let him but other than that, I'm not pushing it for a little while. It seemed like he did excellent the first day but then it was downhill from there. I think the newness and excitement wore off for him and he would rather go in his undies so we're back to diapers. I think he could be potty trained pretty quick, but I think it's me that's not ready yet. :) It's a lot of work and cleaning up poop a few times a day is just disgusting. Lawson's poop is especially gross too. I just read my friend, Sarah's, blog about her little boy, who isn't quite 2 yet, who is totally into going in the potty. Lucky girl. :) Her post reminded me that I haven't been so lucky yet. Maybe he'll be embarrassed that he's still wearing a diaper in kindergarten and will train himself in one day. ha ha.


Zac and Sarah Steele said...

You should just send Lawson over here. When he sees Logan doing it, he'll totally want to :-) I mean, who wants to get owned by a 21-month-old?