Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Double-Wide-- movin' up in the world!

So we made it to McAllen, Texas. We got to the "ranch" on Monday afternoon. It's a guest ranch that has trailers and some apartments. Like I mentioned before, it's for Winter Texans but during the summer they rent it out to anyone. We're renting a double-wide for 1 month. There is so much room! There's 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a livingroom/kitchen/diningroom combined, and a laundry room. Lawson keeps saying, "Chase me, Mom" because there is so much room to run around. It's pretty funny. It's defnitely an older trailer with sweet paneling on the walls and cheap plastic fruit in a bowl on the table. It's been well-kept and it's very clean. Our bedroom has thick orangey flowered curtains and a big painting of a tiger on the wall. Our bathroom has a big tub, which feels a lot like plastic and I'm too afraid to take a bath in it and have it crack and leak all over. It also has a separate shower built for one with hardly any room to move and the water sprays right in my face. With all that said, I LOVE IT! It has central air that is saving me while we're here. We keep it at 70 degrees and it's fabulous. The weather is so humid and hot. Yesterday morning at 8 it was already 80 degrees! Supposedly it's really nice in the winter. There is also a pool area that is absolutely gorgeous. There's even a banana tree and I saw a hummingbird by it today. The pool is really nice and well-kept with really clear water. There's lots of tables and chairs around it so I think we're going to do a picnic one of these days. Lawson and I plan on swimming everyday we're here! He LOVES the water. He has a life jacket that he wears and he can swim by himself. That's nice for me so I don't have to hold him the whole time. We put Makayla in the baby floating tube and she loves it too. She kicks her little legs and smiles the whole time. I haven't seen any neighbors so I'm not sure how many people are staying here right now. We've been to the pool twice now and we've been the only ones there the whole time. We haven't been to church yet, so we don't know anyone yet. I keep thinking how lucky we are in the church not only with the gospel but in a social aspect as well. Wherever you move in the world, you automatically have a whole ward of friends. I feel blessed.

Tyson is liking his externship so far. Today is his second day. Yesterday he said they gave him 3 cases to do research for. One of them had paperwork thicker than a phonebook that he has to read and get to know. The Judge he is working for won't be in the office until tomorrow so he hasn't met him yet. He's working with the Judge's clerk right now, who is a BYU Law School graduate in 2008. He and his wife have been married only a few months so they don't have any kids yet. They are both from Oklahoma. I'm not quite sure how they made it down here. McAllen is kind of a random place even though the population is about 100,000.

I need to get some pictures on here of our place. It really is beautiful with palm trees and an orange tree in our neighbor's yard! I will post more later.


Shirley Hale said...

This sounds like so much fun! What a neat experience you get to have. Double wides are huge! I'm sure it will be so much fun for Lawson, he'll remember it forever.

Even though we didn't move to another state, we moved in with my mom who doesn't have AC so enjoy it! ;)

Sam and Jessica said...

Sounds like you found a great place to stay!! That would be such and awesome experience!!! Enjoy!! Have fun and keep us updated!!!

JC and Jena said...

Yeah put pictures up!! I wanna see! But get a kiddie pool and have Tyson sitting in a lawn chair with his feet in it, out on the front lawn!!