Monday, May 11, 2009

The Full Tour

I've had some requests to post pictures of our double-wide. I've taken pics of all the rooms so you're getting the full tour! We'll be sad to leave all this space behind when we go back to Provo.
Lawson and Makayla out front. Doesn't the grass look pretty!? :)

Our diningroom

The livingroom. For some reason there is a fireplace. Only a psycho would light it!

The kitchen. There's lots of counter space. We have a deck outside of the sliding glass door. The first day we were here Lawson and I went out on the deck. I came in and shut the door and Lawson hadn't realized the door was shut and ran right into it. I'll have to admit, it was funny.

More of the kitchen. It has a full-size dishwasher and 2 ovens!

The "swimming room." We keep all of our swimming stuff in here. Sweet wallpaper, eh?

Lawson's room. I forgot to add Makayla's room, but it's about the same. We just put her in the middle of the bed to sleep. She isn't rolling over yet, so that's nice.

Lawson's bathroom.

The wallpaper in Lawson's bathroom. It makes me dizzy when I go in there.

The master bedroom. It has a king! Check the curtains out!

The nice artwork in our room. A little freaky.

Close up of our curtains.

A view from our bed.

We have a ginormous walk-in closet! This is my side.

Tyson's side.

The bathroom.

There are 2 sinks! It's a big bathroom.

The "plastic" tub that I'm afraid to sit in. It doesn't seem very stable. Lawson loves it though!

The tiny shower that sprays me in the face.


The Olsen's said...

Sweet living arrangements! How fun! I bet you guys are having such a nice time! :)

Shirley Hale said...

it looks so nice! It's amazing to me how double wides get a bad rep, but there is so much room!

Natalie said...

You're so funny. I don't know what I like more... the wood paneling or the tiger portrait. LOL. It DOES have a lot of space, though... and double ovens?! That alone might be worth it :)

Anna said...

Living the dream!!! LOVE it!!
Hope you are enjoying Texas.... but dont get too attached. YOU must come back!
Love that you keep calling it a double wide when so many are calling them "manufactured homes" stay cool! ;) hahaha