Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Makayla got her first tooth-finally! I could tell she was going to get it any day now for months. Her gums on the bottom are a little swollen and I could see the outline of her 2 bottom teeth. I have been checking her gums everyday for any progression. I checked them on Sunday morning and somehow one sprouted Sunday afternoon and Cicily, Tyson's sister, was the first to see it! It's about time. Both her cousin and little friend, who are both younger than her, have had theirs for weeks now! She must be a late bloomer!


The Thompson Family said...

YAY! It is about time for that little girl to get some teeth. Mack's 5th just poked through and he feels that he is now allowed to bite things, mainly my shirts. Of course it doesn't help when Devin says "yeah bite her, bite her!"

Natalie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! How exciting!!! ;)

Littleton Young Womens said...

I guess laney is just slow compared to you thompson's babies! No teeth and over 8 months...hmmm So I just hear your news and was getting on your blog to confirm! Holy cow woman, get those free babies while you can:) lol at leasts thats our plan:) Congrats though, a baby is always so exciting! love you!