Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tyson went to Texas for a week to make some contacts with attorneys down there so we went up to Idaho for the week.

My younger brother was peeling potatoes and gave Kayla some sweet brows! This is what my brows would look like if I didn't tweeze! :)

Grandpa Rex took Lawson for a ride on the lawn mower. He loved it!

Grandma Lynnie took us to the Greenbelt at the Snake River to feed the ducks. It was insane! Click here to see the video.
We had a great time in Idaho!


Trenholms said...

Holy cow! You post so fast, I can't keep up! I like the potato peel eyebrows on Makayla...I'm pretty sure I have a picture of myself in 7th grade with eyebrows that look just about like that!