Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nothing Much

I haven't posted for awhile. I always feel like I need to post pictures in order to do a post. I've got pictures but they are still on my camera. I'm too lazy to put them onto the computer. Anyway, we had a good Thanksgiving at Tyson's dad's house in Salt Lake. We had all the usual goodness and of course ate a ton! We stayed the night the night before, which we haven't done since we've had kids, so that was fun. Tyson and his brothers spent most of their time playing video games. It was a nice change for Tyson to unwind a little from school. He has his last week of school coming up and then it's finals! I can't believe how fast this semester has gone. Only one more left!

Lawson had his 3rd birthday (pictures to come). We had a fun little party with a couple of his best friends at Jump On It, which is a big warehouse place with a bunch of trampolines and bouncy castles. They had a blast! It was fun to watch. My mom was able to come down for a couple of days also. We went and saw New Moon and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot better quality than Twilight.

Makayla and Lawson have been keeping me busy. I was thinking today how much easier it was to take care of one kid while pregnant and how I thought it was hard at the time. Now with 2 kids and being pregnant it's harder and then I thought about being pregnant with the 4th and having 3 kids to take care of!! It makes me appreciate my mom more and more (she has 6)! I'm grateful to be a mom even though it's the hardest thing I've done. :) Tyson has been amazing with helping me on Saturdays. He lets me sleep-in and then does dishes and laundry (in return for letting him watch football all day!:)) Then if BYU wins their game (like they did last night-suck it Utah--from Tyson), he gives me Sunday off too. He gets to sleep-in but does a lot for me during the day. What a great husband!

Lawson has been doing some really funny things lately and I can't remember all of them. When he gets a timeout he sits for 3 minutes and then I tell him what he's done wrong and give him a hug and then have him appologize to the person he hurt or whatever. Lately after his timeout he asks, "What did I do?" It's actually really cute. We've been reading the scriptures with him lately. We have a Book of Mormon with pictures that we use. He has a great memory and one Monday night we were going to go get ice cream for Family Home Evening after we read from the scriptures. Lawson wanted to go right then so Tyson opened the book to the picture of the Liahona and said, "If you can tell me what this is, we will go get ice cream right now." Lawson thought for a few seconds and then said, "Liahona." He was so proud of himself and we left right then and got ice cream. :) He got some tinker toys from Tyson's grandma last year for Christmas and he's been playing with them a lot. One day I went into his room and there was a pile of the sticks with a round piece on each end. I asked what he was doing and he said, "I'm making bones. These are for dad." I had no idea he knew what bones looked like. haha.

I've been called in our ward to be the Family History teacher, which, at the time, I knew nothing about. The course is 7 weeks and I've been giving the lessons to the Family History Consultants in our ward and then offering it to the ward members once the course if over. It's really been a great calling so far. The church has a new website for family history (, which I am addicted to! I've found about 40 people the past couple of weeks who need ordinaces done and I have submitted their names to the temple or are saving a few of the ordinances to do with Tyson. It's really been neat to learn a little more about my ancestors. I found one ancestor who came during the Pilgrim times in the 1620s over to Massachusetts and he was the governor for Massachusetts. I feel the Spirit of Elijah is starting to burn within me. :)

Anyway, that's enough for now. I'll post pictures soon (hopefully!)


Trenholms said...

Nothing much? Sounds like you had a lot to say! I've been waiting for a post, so it was good to finally see one (like I have a lot of room to talk!).

Justina Selim said...

I am linking the exchange of sleeping in and cleaning the house for watching football all day. They would probably do it anyway, so why not get something out of it? Smart lady!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

I didn't read any of this, I will when I'm not rushing out the door...but I wanted to check in and say I loved your christmas card, what cuties you have! and baby number 3! woo! you go! we need to get together...could you guys come up here any time soon? like after the 3rd or something?