Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quick Post

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I've got a few pics I will get on here eventually. I just wanted to do a quick update on what Makayla has been up to. It seems like just within a short time she is becoming a little person who responds to us. :) She can say a few words now: ma-ma, da-da, ut-oh, and ta-da. If we tell her to say "no" she quickly shakes her head. We're starting with sign language like we did with Lawson. So far she can do the sign for "more," which looks more like her clapping. She can stand by herself for a few seconds at a time. She is so wiggly that it's hard for her to steady herself to walk. She walks when we hold her hand though. She has 8 teeth now (4 on top, 4 on bottom). She LOVES to scream. If Lawson screams, it gets her started and they scream back and forth to each other. Not just yelling, but actual blood-curdling screams! Not so cute! She is so happy and content most of the time. Lawson loves to use her as his wrestling partner and she is learning to take it (he gets a lot of time-outs)! My favorite thing she does is tilts her head back and gives us a big crooked toothy smile. It's hilarious. I can tell she has her brother's silly personality (which is inherited from Tyson, of course!). I think I'm the only normal one in this family! haha. Anyway, more later.


K'Lyn said...

I love it all! Your crafts are adorable. I miss you. I haven't even met your hubby or your adorable kids. Hopefully that will change soon.

JC and Jena said...

Ha ha, love the part about them being wresting buddies! She is growing up way too fast!