Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Bored

I decided to post mostly because I'm bored. Why you ask? Because there's a basketball game on and watching sports gets really old (especially when it's not BYU). I do get the occasional, "Whoa, check this out" or "You gotta see this play," which really does nothing for me. :) I look forward to when Lawson can enjoy watching games with his dad to get me off the hook. :)

Anyway, Tyson has started his last semester EVER! It's great, but a little worrisome with no job yet for after graduation. Most students have something lined up well before Christmas but this year is bad because not many are hiring because of the economy. Quite a few of Tyson's classmates are in our same situation. He had an interview a week ago and should hear back from them soon (fingers crossed for good news!) He's also thrown around the idea of starting his own law firm. He's doing an externship (unpaid internship) for a firm in Orem this semester for school credit. They specialize in immigration and criminal cases- right up Tyson's alley. He's had great experiences already and is really enjoying it.

For me, I've had a great pregnancy! I was mentioning to Tyson about a week ago that I haven't thrown up at all this pregnancy. I should have knocked on wood because that night I threw up!! I'm 21 weeks- I shouldn't be throwing up! I'm not sure if it was something I ate or what but I was disappointed that I broke my streak. I think I have more energy with this pregnancy than I did with Makayla. It's hard to remember though. Today I went through all of Lawson's clothes that I've been putting in big rubbermaid containers. I got rid of some and then put them in containers according to size. I feel a little more organized now! He has a huge rubbermaid, a medium-sized one and 2 small ones of all the clothes he's had in his life. The med-sized one is just 0-3 months! I think this baby is all set. (Just typing that sentence reminded me that I'm still in shock that I'm pregnant!) I've been feeling him move around more and more. The first time was about 19 weeks. I think I may have felt random kicks here and there before then but it was hard to tell because it was just a little flutter- could have been gas for all I know. :) I am just over 21 weeks now and can't believe I'm past the 1/2 way point.

Makayla and Lawson have been keeping me busy, like normal. Lawson has been sooooooo grumpy this entire week. Most of the time he'll have a bad day and then snap out of it but it's been this entire week. He won't talk to me and tell me what's going on so I have no idea. He gets mad about everything. I bought him a little Y shirt (for BYU) and he got mad and said it was "yucky." The drawer I keep his clothes in in his room has been the top one his whole life. He has to climb up on the changing table to reach his socks and underwear so we talked about moving his stuff down so he can reach better. I did so one morning and he was so upset! I can understand that a little more- me moving all his stuff but it seems like it's just one thing after another! Not quite sure what's going on his little head. I hope this week is better.

Makayla has figured out that if she screams, Lawson will get in trouble and she will get picked up and hugged and kissed. She has been screaming if Lawson touches her and it's getting a little out of hand. If she doesn't get picked up, she will lay her head on the ground and cry and cry. It's actually kind of funny. :) I'm trying to be a little more choosy when picking her up to nip this in the butt. She's going to be a tough little girl with a big brother and now a younger one! She has a little dolly that she gives hugs to and rocks. It is sooo sweet. The other day at aerobics at our church building, she was crawling around and she would pause for a little bit and dance and rock back and forth and then continue to crawl around. I think she crawled up to each person who was there and would do a little dance. It was hilarious.

Well, that's what we've been up to and now I'm getting bored of blogging. :) I'm going to go eat some cereal now.