Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Big Girl!

Makayla has been "close" to walking for about 4 months now. She's been standing for quite some time. We've tried to get her to walk but she just couldn't steady herself. Today she was walking all over the place!! Tyson got her to take 3 steps by herself and then she went to town! She is 11 months now.


Littleton Young Womens said...

I want to see her walking so fix this video!!!! I cant see anything! Love you!

Kelly Grace said...

OH so cute! She looks like a little giraffe walking so cautiously! Love it! Laney looks like a drunk. and if she looks up or down she tips right over:) She needs to meet her best cousin ever!

Trenholms said...

Wow, walking already and not even a year yet! Amazing little girl!