Friday, February 05, 2010

Just Stuff

I just wanted to post what we've been up to. Tyson is gone right now to a career fair in the northeast. Before the fair he applied to all of the jobs that were hiring graduating law students (there were only 5 or 6). He figured he probably wouldn't get an interview. He got an email about a week ago saying he got an interview with the Social Security department in Portland, Oregon. Supposedly, you can't turn it down, so we booked a flight and a week later, he's gone. His interview is tomorrow but he's been up there for 2 days. It's coming down to the line (graduation is April) and we're getting anxious to get employment. He's really interested in public interest stuff and government jobs as well as immigration law among many other areas of the law. Hopefully, something will come along soon!

I am 24 weeks pregnant now! I was thinking the other day that I haven't taken a single picture of my belly this time around. I guess the newness wears off the third time around. :) He's been moving around a lot lately. This pregnancy seems to be easier than the other 2. I'm still able to do aerobics (even though I go only once or twice a week!). I've learned not to overdo it when exercising. With Makayla, I would go but I must have been working too hard because I was exhausted the rest of the day. I feel good when I take it easy when working out. I take the glucose test at my next appointment- where you drink the really sugary drink and then have your blood taken an hour later to make sure your body is processing it correctly. I can't believe it's to that point already! I think I only have 2 more appointments and then it's every 2 weeks instead of 4! Crazy!

Lawson has been doing a computer preschool that he has loved! It's held in our church building in a computer lab we have (there's also a family history center). I've been told the company that provides the software is testing it out on kids to be able to use in schools. It's free and it's really helped Lawson progress with numbers and letters as well as using the computer. They don't use the keyboard, just the mouse. He's loving it.

Makayla is walking more. She can get up on her own from a seated position and walk a few steps. She still can't quite walk across the room by herself but she wants to! She's so cute when she walks around. She's doing a little bit of sign language-- more, food, cracker, drink. She's really picking up on things we teach her. She loves her belly button and thinks Lawson's is hilarious. If his is showing she will point her little finger, touch it and giggle.

That's all for now. We've got more going on but Lawson is yelling at me to make him lunch-- ahhhh, motherhood!


Sam and Jessica said...

That's exciting that Tyson got an interview!! Not so exciting that its so far away!!! Good luck to him though!!! I can't believe Makayla is already walking!!! Glad everything is going well with your pregnancy!