Friday, March 05, 2010

Lawson Funnies

There is this dried up, dead flower plant in front of our house that has fuzzy things where the flowers used to be- it looks a lot like dandelion fluff but harder to blow. Anyway, during the summer Lawson LOVES to blow dandelion fluff and screams bloody murder if he sees one and we don't stop. He found this lovely plant out front and was ecstatic. I was visiting with a friend and could hear Lawson whispering something over by the plant. I listened intently but could only make out "I wish, I wish..." and then he would blow the fluff. I asked him what he was saying and he said, "I wish, I wish with all my heart- to be a man!!" Then he would blow the fluff. I laughed hysterically! I asked him where he learned that and he told me from Little Bear- one of his favorite shows. I guess I haven't seen that episode. :) I think the man part is from the Spongebob movie. It was hilarious!

The other day Lawson was playing in our unfenced backyard (can't wait to move somewhere with a fenced-in backyard!!) while I did the dishes in the kitchen and could watch him from the window. At one point I couldn't see him, so I called out and he came back from being in the frontyard. I told him to come talk to me. I proceeded to tell him that there are naughty and mean people who like to take kids away so they will never see their moms and dads again. We talked about it for a minute and then he continued playing. He kept saying stuff like, "Mom, I can use this stick and the mean people won't take me." Later that evening, we had Family Home Evening about strangers. We talked about what a stranger was and then Tyson did an activity where he flipped through the channels on tv and would pause it on a person and ask Lawson if that person was a stranger. Then we would show him a picture of a family member and ask if that person was a stranger. He wasn't quite getting it but towards the end, it was clicking a little more. Three days later, our landlord sent a guy to come clean some mold we've had growing. Lawson and I were eating lunch and Lawson said, "Mom, is that man a stranger?" I told him he was but it was ok for Lawson to talk to him because mom was there. It was so precious and I was amazed he was still thinking about the lesson we had tried teaching him that I thought hadn't sunk in.

Yesterday I was getting lunch ready and I asked Lawson to help me with something. I told him thank you and he said, "my pleasure." ha ha!


JC and Jena said...

Ha ha ha!! He's so funny!

Trenholms said...

OH...MY...WORD! So cute! I love the "man" comment. Jaimason has been wanting to take showers now, and wash himself like a man, he says! LOL!

Heather said...

Yay for TX! We're excited for you guys. We live in Killeen which is in between Austin and Waco (so maybe 3 or so hours from Dallas). Keep us posted on everything!