Friday, December 30, 2011

November Birthdays!

Tyson's and Lawson's birthdays are both in November. Tyson turned the big 3-0! I was still recovering from Myra so it was a pretty lame birthday for both. Tyson even bought his own cake, which was an amazing Tres Leches cake.

Tyson wanted a Roku for his birthday, which is a pretty awesome electronic thing. We can play Angry Birds on our tv!

Lawson turned 5!
The babies and I took m&m cookies to Lawson's class at school on his birthday and I made him wear a birthday hat! His class sang "Happy Birthday" to him. A few minutes later he came up to me and whispered, "Can I take my hat off?" It was so cute!

Porter at Lawson's school

Makayla at Lawson's school.

Before my mom left she bought Lawson some b-day presents. He got some big legos and a play-dough shaper thing. My dad sent him a magnifiying glass, which he loves.

He wanted a cake with blue frosting. He put his own candles in.

Tyson took him to get donuts for his birthday. He chose a blue football donut.

He loves Angry Birds so Tyson bought him a poster and Cicily bought him the red bird.

He also got a lite brite, which he loves as well!

I love my birthday boys!