Friday, May 16, 2014

Here She Goes Again On Her Own

Today is the day for the arrival of human child #5 for the Oblads. Sara started the blog post and I (somewhat begrudgingly) took over. Sara asked that I write something funny. I told her we would compromise and that I'd post links to previous blogs. Feel free to review them instead if you are looking for humor:

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Note that beyond this point this post will be updated from the bottom up. Let's all take a moment to laugh at those who can't figure that out.



(OK, it's really just some pics)

9 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches. She looks a lot like her older brother Porter. So now there might be 2 little Oblads that look like Thompsons/Hyers.

Baby born at 1:18. Both her and baby are doing great. Stats TBD.

1:10- Dr. Holt is here. Time to have a baby. Pushing to start momentarily.

12:55- Baby is pretty low and Sara is now at 10cm.

12:45- Baby is a little high but working her way down. Dr. expects her within the hour.

12:25- Water broken and now I have very little appetite. Dr. says baby should be out in about an hour. We need one of those Domino's pizza trackers but for babies instead of pizza.

12:20- Things had been going slow until the last 20 minutes or so. Sara is now at about a 9 cm and 80% effaced. Dr. Holt is here to break the water.

10:45- Sara threw up for the first time this entire pregnancy. Came out of nowhere but now she says she feels great. Still waiting til noon for Dr. Holt to break her water, which I am told is a good thing.

10am- Sara finally convinced me to start updating the blog. We did a bunch of lame paperwork, undoubtedly a necessity caused by (idiot) lawyers and their (even bigger idiot) clients. Sara wants me to include details and so as my revenge for making me do this blog I will be sure to strictly heed her request. They put in a catheter and so now all her pee is being whisked away into a stylish clear bag. It may or may not be leaking because it kind of smells like pee in here. She did not find it funny when I read that portion aloud. Alas, she is now tethered to her bed by a number of tubes and other wires and is thus at the mercy of my evil mind.

Nothing much is going on at the moment, so I suspect it may be an hour or 2 before another update. Also, I have switched the order of the post updates. They are now appearing at the top of the post for the reader's convenience.*

*This is a lie. I am too lazy to scroll down the page for the edits. Sue me**

**Please don't sue me. It would be a waste of your time and money as it would be thrown out as frivolous and likely for failure to state a claim.

8:30- Dr Holt comes and decides to give a bit of pitocin and break my water around noon

8 am-  Tyson is taking a shower before Dr Holt gets here to break my water. The nurses are saying things should go fast after she breaks it. So far, it's been a pretty awesome hospital stay. Not much pain!!

7 am- we meet my day nurse. She asks if I want my epidural now before the dr gets here. Um, yes!!  Epidural is placed and I'm feeling great.

6am- the nurse comes in and says she just talked to Dr Holt who says she has a change of plans. She wants to come in at 8:30 this morning to break my water instead of giving me Pitocin. She says there is more control with that and I would have more time to get my epidural.

3am- the nurse wakes me up to check me. I'm dilated to 4 cm and 50% effaced!!   She and I are both shocked!  She calls my doctor to find out what she wants us to do. Dr Holt says to wait until 7 am to start Pitocin.  I can't sleep anymore :(. So much for Ambien.

11 pm- pill was placed near cervix. She would come check me at 3 am to see if it had done anything. If not, she would place another one. She also gave me an Ambien!

10 pm- got to the hospital and checked in. Kinda felt like checking into a hotel!  My doctor had me come in the night before our planned induction because I was not dilated and she wanted the nurses to place a pill near my cervix to get things contracting a bit. Kind of a head start for the pitocin.

8 pm on Thursday, May 15th- we split the kids up to stay the night with friends. The girls went right in and were fine with me leaving. The boys, on the other hand, were not so thrilled!  Lawson, our 7 year old, had the hardest time.  He got to the door and tried to have a smile but out rolled big tears. I finally got them settled down after nearly an hour and left.

We are excited for the arrival of our 5th baby!  I'm sitting in the uncomfortable hospital bed as I type, just playing the waiting game.  Tyson is my Go-To guy for my baby blog updates but he's sleeping on the equally uncomfortable couch bed right now and I dare not wake him!


Maria Hauth said...

Very anxious to hear! Sounds like things are going well!

Leslee said...

Woot woot you go girl!!!

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