Sunday, August 15, 2010

What we've been up to

Finally got some pictures downloaded onto the computer.

This is the lizard that came to visit featured in this post. It was on the wall and then scurried behind the blinds to the window.

You gotta have a naked baby picture!

One thing I loved about our place when we came to look at it was the farm behind our house! There are 2 horses, 2 goats, and a donkey. We like to feed them carrots, watermelon rinds, and grass. This horse (pictured) in particular will come to the fence if he sees us come outside. He loves to eat!

Notice the fence. Pretty sure it's from the horse trying to eat our grass. Makes me a little nervous. Makayla doesn't like the horse. She will stand at the gate to the frontyard unless we are holding her when we are in the backyard.

Here's the peanut gallery I call my kids.
Porter is getting so chubby! I love it! A lady at the grocery store yesterday asked me if we was 6 months. I laughed and said he was only 2 months! He's a big guy!

Lawson got tired of posing and went back to "the zone" while watching tv. It's hard to get him out of "the zone" when he gets into it. I love that Makayla and Porter are nearly the same size!
Porter laughed for real today for the first time. We were in church but it was so cute! I love his smiles and giggles! He will be 3 months in 5 days-- I can't believe it!

Check out those arm rolls! Love 'em!


Sam said...

Oh My Gosh! Porter is so stinkin' cute!! It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it... goodness me. Hope you guys had a good week. Has Tyson had a day off yet?